Tan tips

To help maximise your tan we recommend the following pre tan preparations

• On the day of your tan please do not wear any deodorant or moisturiser

• All waxing and shaving must be done 24 hours before your tan

• Remove all old tan by using a pair or exfoliating mitts

• Exfoliate throughly to remove dead skin and give your tan an ideal base

• Please remove all makeup, tans always look their best when applied to clean fresh skin.


To help extend the life of your tan we highly recommend following post tan tips,

• Wear dark loose fitting clothes, try to avoid anything Red

• Rinse with water only, avoid using any soap until at least 24hours after your tanning appointment

• Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise, your tan will look more hydrated and will help to avoid it fading prematurely.

• Pat dry only, avoid scrubbing with your towel as this can leave you patchy. We recommend air drying after showering if you can.

Following these simple guidelines will help to ensure your tan looks its best and lasts as long as you need it to.